How to wave while riding a motorcycle

So I found this satirical article over at, which was titled: Motorcycle Etiquette: How Not to Wave Like a Dork. and it made me laugh. Here are a couple of excepts, that may cause you to want to read the article.  For those who take what I write serious, the author wrote is satire (or I hope it is satire) because the real story and the one at AxelAddict bear no resemblance…

“If you drive a motorcycle, you know about “the wave”. The wave is your rolling connection to your biker brother and sisterhood, but is there a special secret to this wave? When you started riding did you seek out a wave master and perhaps copy theirs, or did you develop one of your own? Have you ever wondered if your wave is appropriate? Unfortunately, wave training is not covered in the basic or advanced motorcycle safety classes.” … “Well, here I present the five basic motorcycle waves. Your worries about not knowing proper biker etiquette are over.”

“Many riders believe there that was once a secret wave society, similar to the Priere de Sion fraternal order, founded back in 1903 when the first Harley Davidson rolled out of the shed. There wasn’t. It all started one day in 1904 when Arthur Davidson passed by William Harley and, since they knew each other, they waved. Another biker saw the two “Kings of Motorcycles” doing this and thought this was a biker necessity. A tradition was born.” … “The waving tradition continued on through the years but was always haphazard. There were bikers doing the “Bye Grandma Wave,” others doing the “Howdy Wave,” and still others doing the extremely feminine “Princess Wave.” … “In 1946, after several years of these image-destroying gestures, a group of crusty old bikers decided to put some proper waving rules in place. They formed the Wave Hard And True Biker Society. Abbreviation: WHAT-BS.”

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