Iron-Butt BBQ Run:


Distance: 1,070 miles
Time: 16 Hours + stops

Great 1000 mile Iron-Butt. Start with Dinner at Pat’s BBQ, in South Salt Lake, UT; then, ride straight through to Arthur Bryant’s Barbeque in Kansas City, MO for some great burnt ends.


pats-bbq         Arthur Bryant

Iron-ButtBBQRun Map

  1. Start with an early 5:00PM dinner at Pat’s BBQ (155 West Commonwealth Avenue, Salt Lake City, UT 84115) making sure to hit the road by 6:00PM.
  2. Take the 21st South Freeway to I-80 East; stay on I-80 all night; you will reach Lincoln NB in the morning.
  3. Take exit 397 to merge onto US-77 S/Homestead Expy toward NE-2/Beatrice/Nebraska City.
  4. Take NE-2 to I-29 South at the Nebraska/Iowa border
  5. Continue on I-29 until US-71; exit Left to US-71, follow signs to Interstate 70 E (Saint Louis)
    Exit I-70 (US-71) at Exit 3B (Brooklyn Ave); Right on Brooklyn Ave.
  6. Arthur Bryant’s Barbeque will be on your Left (1727 Brooklyn Avenue, Kansas City, MO 64127); you should arrive just in time for the first burnt ends of the day.


Hi there! I’m am simply an old guy with a need for the road to stretch out in front of him but without a care for destinations. I only ride American motorcycles, and frequently you may find a bit of grease under my nails.  I am semi-retired, so I work 3-4 days a week and ride the rest of the time, sun, rain or snow.  With all respect to the Fryed Brothers, most “All my friends are dead”, near dead, or flirting with disaster… and I am contented as part of this pack.